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You can’t avoid pain forever!

December 5, 2022

How long do you avoid a movement before you do something about it?”

Many people will avoid certain movements because they have a bad (______) or they do all kinds of compensations to get comfortable because a certain position hurts. I see this all too often. Especially being inside of a gym. Different people complaining of different aches and pains, some that have been dealing with it for weeks, months, even years…😣

They will come in with new compression wraps, sleeves, braces, modifying workouts for months, or stop coming in altogether. All of which are just a band-aid and the root problem to why the injury happened in the first place is never addressed. So they end up in this endless cycle of injuries. 👎🏼 This shouldn’t be the “normal”.

Pain is a signal from your body requesting a change

IF you are in pain or and avoiding certain movements my suggestion is

  • Don’t eliminate training or movement because you are injured.
  • Find the root cause, attack it, to become resilient for life.
  • Let’s prioritize early intervention. seeking help and tak

ing care of these aches, pains, and injuries at the onset of symptoms will reduce the need for a lengthier rehab, allow you to continue training, and help you progress towards your goals more safely and efficiently.

Not only these things mentioned above but it will save you TIME and MONEY by getting it addressed sooner than later. Reach out if you need further support or if you’ve been in pain for far too long! Let’s get you back to moving like you once did!

Remember, movement is medicine. And our bodies crave movement.

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