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I had an injury in January which caused a lower back pain and pain down my right leg, Sciatica. So i did what everyone would do, i self diagnosed the problem on my own by watching youtube videos to try fix it. Only to do everything wrong and made it worse. When the pain got worse i reach out to Zenith and had an evaluation with Dr. Thomas. During this session he deep dived into the root of the problem by doing extensive examination. He was very knowledgeable and took time to understand the root cause of the problem. Within the first session i learnt so much more about my body then i ever knew, so i decided to book more session. i was put on mobility workout plans that i would have never been able to come up with on my own. Safe to say 6 sessions in my sciatica is gone and we are now focusing on different strengthening programs and proper forms. I am back to running and lifting weights again and it feels really good. I learnt so much this far and how i can avoid this from happening again, even if it does; i know what exactly to do and what works for me to get me back on track. I highly recommend the team at Zenith Performance 10/10 value.

Shekar Daryl

Dr. Hayden is incredible at what they do! I went to Zenith after years of dealing with sharp stabbing pains in my feet and tightness in my calves that were getting worse. Dr. Hayden carefully observed how I step, walk, balance, and approach my favorite physical activities, then developed a personalized action plan. Over months, Dr. Hayden provided exercises and physical therapy that strengthened muscles I never even knew were weak/tight! The progress I made has been life-changing. Coming here was my last effort to do something about the excruciating pain before throwing in the towel and just accepting that I could no longer jump rope or do yoga. After working with Dr. Hayden, my legs and feet have never been stronger, and I’m now able to do advanced yoga balances that I never thought would be possible for me to do. I’m SOO thankful for them and cannot recommend them enough. Can’t wait to go back to address my shoulder pain next!

Karena P.

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Zenith Performance at my local CrossFit gym where I met Thomas for the first time. I had been struggling w a nagging right shoulder tendinopathy for over a year with little healing and progress to some sense normalcy.
Right from the beginning with Thomas and Zenith, I knew I was at the right place. Thomas customized my treatment and sessions each time depending on the particular issues I was having and the specific assessments he performed. Thomas is amazing at breaking different exercises and movements down to their fundamental elements which helped me understand and actually implement proper form and technique for the first time. After a few sessions, I felt my shoulder discomfort dissipate and began feeling more confident in my ability to use my right shoulder in the same way as my left. It’s a testament to Thomas’ expertise and granular instructions and guidance. Highly recommended for any and all sports/exercise injuries!

Kerry Hahn

I highly recommend Thomas, he works with you one-on-one the whole session, and he definitely knows what he’s doing. I came in with a lot of pain in my shoulder and down the arm, which I thought was a shoulder injury, but he identified it was a nerve issue in my neck that was radiating down. In just a few weeks, through a combination of manual adjustments, cupping, and exercises, the pain is now gone and I am back to 100%! He also went out of his way to help me with some sports performance issues I was having, and has left me with homework to keep my neck and shoulder in good shape. I felt confident in his abilities!

Jesica Endo

Dr. Hayden is an absolute badass rockstar of a PT and I will be shouting their name from the rooftop for anyone who needs services in Long Beach. Dr. Hayden is the only PT who moved me from beyond hands on work to now the longest period I have had without back pain so far. They are an amazing coach, person, cheerleader, and advocate and I am so grateful to have met Dr. Hayden. I honestly would rather go to Dr. Hayden to address a functional pain issue before any other doctor. Before you go down the surgery, specialist, etc path, you must start with Dr. Hayden. Give your body a chance to heal itself!!

Brittany Mosley

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Tom Boellstorff

Hayden is the best. I’d never done PT before and Hayden transformed my life—I was able to recover from a sciatica and also a sprained ankle along the way. An incredible job listening and learning and creating custom exercise plans to get me to the place where I am 100% back and even more, working to strengthen to keep the problems from coming back. I can’t recommend highly enough!

Tracy Luu

This was my first time seeing a physical therapist. I started experiencing neck & shoulder pain so wanted to try this out. I love the holistic approach of overall wellness & Dr. Hayden broke down the exercises really easy. To my surprise, my pain is gone thanks to Dr. Hayden & being intentional about my physical fitness. This is a safe place too!

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