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Tips for a good night sleep!

November 18, 2022

Here are my tips for getting better sleep at night. We want our sleep to be restful and restorative giving our bodies the best chance to recover.

1. Keep it cold🥶

This allows heart rate to slow which allows us to go into REM and deep sleep quicker; these stages of sleep are where recovery takes place.

2. No blue light 🤳

Turn the blue light off within 2 hours of going to bed. You can easily change this in your phone by creating a setting for it to go into night mode 2 hours before bed.

3. Warm/hot bath before bed. 🛀

This will allow our blood vessels to open, creating more blood flow throughout our body, causing the heart rate to slow down and blood pressure to reduce because these systems are not having to work so hard to pump blood through our body. Aim to do this 90 minutes before bed; actually cools are internal body temperature because blood flow is being pulled away from internal core temp and out towards extremity

4. Have dinner 2-3 hours before bed.🍝

Digesting food takes time and gives off heat, increasing body temperature which can negatively affect sleep if eaten too close to bedtime.

5. Mindful Drinking 🍷

Alcohol Inhibits our ability to get into REM and deep sleep, affecting recovery

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