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4 Ways to Modify a Workout

November 3, 2022

Injuries happen and some days we just aren’t feeling our best. You shouldn’t have to go all out and RX every single workout. Your body needs time to recover. So here are my top 4 ways to modify a work out to meet your needs!

1. Decrease the weight

You don’t have to use RX or PR every time. Go ahead and grab a lighter weight and focus on your form. In the end you’ll be able to lift heavier due to improved form and technique.

2. Decrease your range of motion

Work through the range of motion that allows you to continue with the same exercise and intensity without making your pain worse.

3. Change equipment type

Swap your equipment for something that works better for you at that moment. Use a kettlebell or dumbbell instead of a barbell. If you can’t row, try the bike or run instead.

4. Lower your intensity/speed

Move through the workout at your own pace. Increase rest between your reps/rounds so that you can continue to perform the movements safely without increasing your chances of pain or re-injury.

The best thing is just to keep moving and making these adjustments allow you to keep that consistency. Reach out! We are happy to chat with you about what’s going on and recommendations we have for you to keep moving and being resilient for life! 🔥

Remember, movement is medicine and motion is lotion 👍🏼


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