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Dr. Thomas Bilodeau

Dr. Thomas Bilodeau


Dr. Thomas Bilodeau is a physical therapist born and raised in Long Beach, CA. He received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Drexel University and has practiced in both outpatient and home health settings, as well as currently pursuing extensive training of fitness athletes through the Institute of Clinical Excellence. His clinical practice involves merging strength and conditioning techniques with a skilled hands-on approach and actionable strategies for home. This means at the end of each visit his patients have a game-plan that they know is going to keep them in motion. No matter the patient and their starting point, his goal is to help show everyone their true strength.

Outside of the clinic, Thomas is an avid musician, a Crossfitter who loves the assault bike and loathes bar-facing burpees, and often runs off to the Sierras for backpacking trips.

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